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A high quality software product requires all round capabilities in planning, creativity, code optimization, and envisioning product features. And further more necessity to meet aggressive time to market pressures.

After analyzing the market and understanding the needs of our clients we have streamlined our organization to proven rapid development techniques. These processes have been adopted to create a suite of best practices and tools which will help us achieve a smarter product and a truly satisfied client. These processes enable us to respond quickly to the ever-changing market-driven needs of our clients.

Managing projects, be it small ones, or large complex ones is all about right planning. Before a project starts, a huge amount of planning goes into planning of resources, planning the risk areas, the risk mitigation strategies, accurate estimation of budgets and timelines. We believe that if the project is planned correctly, there are very little chances of the project going off track and exceeding the expected time and resource estimates. Our experience in successfully executing over 600 projects successfully multiple domains is what gives us an advantage over our competitors. Our process ensures that the client is signed off with the highest level of satisfaction. Our experience in the industry has taught us that one of the most important factors in the successful and timely implementation of a software project is well planned allocation and management of resources.

Efficient Resource Planning

Human Resource planning is the key to success of any outsourcing partnership. It is required because of the following:

  • Variable monthly workflow from our clients
  • Projects requiring different skill sets from time to time.
  • New technologies / domains
  • High resource attrition due to a growing economy

As a part of our resource planning exercise, we interact with our clients on a regular basis (weekly/fortnightly) to know their business plans, pipeline sales, project extensions etc.

This helps us identify beforehand, how many resources are required on specific skills and bench resources can be trained accordingly. This also helps identify recruitment requirements.

Project Management at Wiselead IT Solutions

Good project management is what draws a line between a good project and a bad Project. It also decides how smooth the execution of the project is. The traditional waterfall model shows a process, where developers are to follow these phases in order:

  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Implementation
  • Software Design
  • Requirement Specification

The main problem with this model is that it does not accommodate the changes to the requirements once requirements the requirement analysis phase is over. This proves to be a problem in projects where the scope and the need of the solution is not fully envisaged by the client and keeps on changing as the system develops.

Here at Wiselead IT Solutions, we follow the iterative project management methodologies. We fully understand that the requirements of a software project may change as the project takes form and the customer sees the results. As the project develops, the customer may see things which he does not want to be a part of the system. He may want to add more functionality to the system to fully meet his business objectives.

The project planning and execution methodologies at Wiselead IT Solutions are designed around these needs of our clients. Our project plans are developed around your business objectives. Change requests are accommodated at continuously as the code is developed. Results are delivered to the clients in small iterations. The client reviews the developments and the iterative process ensures that the client has the option to make changes if he feels that the solution developed does not suit his specific business objectives.

Delivery Methodology

In order to best meet our clients’ cost and time to market concerns, Wiselead IT Solutions offers its clients the flexibility to use resources both onsite and offsite to complement the onsite team.

We work on the following delivery methodologies:

  • ODC - Offshore Delivery model
  • ODC - Hybrid Delivery model

Engagement Models

Wiselead IT Solutions provides a varied list of engagement models to suit the changing needs of our clients. Our engagement models are designed keeping in mind the tradeoffs the client has to make between resource costs and the rollout times.